Indian engineer helps Nasa find failed Chandrayaan-2 moon rover

Nasa released this photo, in which "S" shows the debris that was found by Shanmuga Subramanian

Debris of India's moon rover that crashed on the lunar surface in September has been found by Nasa.

The space agency released an image taken by its Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO), which shows the crash site and surrounding area, with parts of the Chandrayaan-2 scattered over several kilometres.

Shanmuga Subramanian, an Indian engineer, has been credited with helping to find the site of the debris, after he responded to a public invite from Nasa to search for the lander.

India had hoped to become the first country to make a successful landing on the lunar south pole, but it's probe went silent just 2.1 kilometres above the surface, with the Indian Space Research Organisation being unable to re-establish communications with it.


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