Everyone looks forward to the weekend on Tag but not just for the rest and relaxation but because of the music! Every Saturday and Sunday from 8am to 8pm, Tag 91.1 takes you back in time with your favorite songs - from your classic ballads to that old dance craze!


Start your day with Andy Sal and Patok Jeproks from 8am - 11am playing everything from the Bee Gees to Rico J. Puno from the 70s & 80s.


Sing along through your midday on Pinoy Song-hits from 11am - 2pm with Pepper Reu remembering the 80s - 90s with the likes of Whitney Houston & Regine Velasquez


Stay awake all afternoon as we rock out to your favorite bands from the 80s to the present, such as Guns & Roses and Eraserheads, on Bandang Hapon from 2pm - 5pm with Alfred Ryce

TAG 20-20

You’ll have a new favorite number – BENTE! (20). Listen to all the pop faves of the early 2000’s on a Saturday night while talking about your top 20 – anything! Be it favorite dishes to Pinoy quirks. But it switches up on Sundays as we feature all the top 20 songs on Tag 91.1 from 5-8pm with Frankie Chino 



    The seemingly shy little girl of Tag 91.1, Pepper Reu is anything but silent. Surprisingly, her love of speaking didn’t get her into radio earlier in her career.


    Don’t let the glasses and very professional demeanor fool you, Alfred Ryce is what we Pinoys call “nasa loob ang kulo”, and is one of the animated jokers of the group.


    Philippine-born & America-raised, Frankie Chino stumbled into the industry after people kept asking him, "Hey, are you in radio?” because of his deep, bassy voice.


    Andy Sal is the newest radio rookie in town - even though some may say he doesn’t look the part.

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    A fast-rising Pinay singer from Cebu has become the latest Filipino artist featured on a billboard in New York’s iconic Times Square. MRLD, real name Meriel de Jesus, is one of the new ambassadors for Spotify’s EQUAL campaign - their recent commitment to fostering equity for women in music globally – and her face, along with other female artists from around the world, was launched on a billboard in the heart of New York city. Now based in Catbalogan, Western Samar, MRLD was discovered and signed by fellow artist Kean Cipriano, who now heads OC Records. Other Filipino artists who have appeared on billboards along Times Square include Julie Ann San Jose, Clara Benin & Zack Tabudlo Listen to MRLD’s new hit, Ligaya, and more of the latest OPM hits on Tag 91.1 and check out our socials – tag911ae on Facebook & Instagram

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    Young talents Pipah Pancho and Nonoy Peña take on a popular love song from OPM band, Silent Sanctuary. “Sa ‘Yo,” which was released almost a decade ago, is given a fresh take through a duet rendition from Pipah & Nonoy, talented artists from Ivory music. Nearly ten years have passed but the song never gets old and still strikes a chord with today’s generation. For more music updates, make sure you listen to Tag 91.1 and check out our socials – tag911ae on Facebook & Instagram

  • POLO-Dubai : Only one appointment needed for contract verification and OWWA membership application or renewal starting May 2022

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    Starting May 2022 onwards, the POLO Dubai and the Northern Emirates has consolidated contract verification and OWWA membership application or renewal as one appointment