Register to the Paliga Sa TAG-Araw 3-on-3!

You must be a holder of a valid Philippine passport, UAE residence visa and proof of age (18+ upon registration). Please present your valid EID to the staff upon filling up the online form.

Should I qualify after the Shoot-out Challenge and/or Screening, I’d like to invite two (2) of my friends to support us at the Paliga Sa TAG-Araw 3-on-3:


I understand that all members of our team must be present on June 28 & 29 for the registration. This is to allow the screening committee to ensure that each team will not exceed two (2) rated players.

Our team will have a maximum of five (5) players.

I recognize the capacity of the league’s screening committee to determine my classification as a basketball player.

I understand that in order to officially be a part of the 32 basketball teams of the league, our team will need to:

  • Assign one player to attend the designated hour for our Shoot-out Challenge later in the day;
  • Be part of the top 32 points during the Shoot-out Challenge which will be determined at the end of Day 2;
  • Should our team be qualified to join the league, we hereby adhere to:
    • Attend the briefing and deliberation of House Rules. Date, time and location to be advised once our team advances to the league;
    • Complete the following requirements by July 4 (Thursday);
    • Provide proof of UAE residency and age - residence visa or Emirates ID - of each member of the team
    • Signed copy of FIBA rules and regulations (Downloadable at
    • Signed waiver from participants (Downloadable at

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