VIDEO: UAE launches Falcon Eye satellite into space


To mark its 49th National Day, the UAE launched Falcon Eye into space from the French Guiana Space Centre in South America at 5:33 am on Wednesday.

The satellite was released into space 58 minutes after the Soyuz ST-A rocket lifted off from the launch complex.

Equipped with a High-Resolution Imager, the satellite is the fourth reconnaissance satellite launched by the UAE, bringing the total number of satellites in orbit to 12.

The data it transmits back to the ground control station will be used for mapping, agricultural monitoring, urban planning and checking changes in the environment. It will also help with response planning during natural disasters, and monitor the UAE's borders and coasts.

Fitted with an earth-observation payload, with very-high-resolution optical capabilities, the satellite will remain in Low Earth Orbit for 10 years.

The project, which began five years ago, saw teams of experienced engineers and technicians from the UAE Armed Forces and foreign experts join forces.

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