WATCH: 570 airlifted from Jebel Jais after flooding


As many as 570 people have been rescued from Jebel Jais after being stranded since Saturday night.

Heavy rain on Saturday blocked off roads on the UAE's tallest mountain, leaving many trapped overnight.

On Sunday, people were airlifted in batches of 20 in rescue helicopters.

Dubai resident, Christian Buta and his wife went to the mountain on Saturday to go on the zip line but got stuck on their way down along with a convoy of several other cars because of the flash floods.

Buta says hundreds of people spent the night camped in their cars and were rescued early on Sunday.

He says many personal vehicles have been abandoned.



Police have urged motorists not to visit Jebel Jais and its surrounding areas until the flooding has cleared.

The UAE's National Centre For Meteorology (NCM) said the warning will remain in effect till 11:30 am on Sunday.

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