First UAE astronaut dons kandoora on space station


Pictures of the UAE's first astronaut donning a traditional Emirati kandoora on the International Space Station (ISS) are going viral on social media.

Hazzaa Al Mansoori has given his eight fellow astronauts on board the station a crash course on Emirati culture and cuisine.

A special UAE food night will also take place on the ISS.

Hazzaa's colleagues will enjoy a traditional Emirati feast that features dishes such as balaleet, saloona and madhrooba, which will be served in cans and tubes.

The Russian Space Food Laboratory company is responsible for preparing these meals for space.

On Tuesday, Hazzaa conducted a series of experiments to test the effects of space on the perception of time.

He also sent back this stunning image of the UAE from space.

Hazzaa is expected to return to earth from his historic mission at around 4:00 pm UAE time on Thursday.

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