New band in town, Hey June! just released their 2nd single

Hey June! is probably one of the youngest bands in the Philippines' music scene right now, both in terms of age and the band formation in 2021. Jim Mase (Guitars, Synth, and Songwriter), Earl Paglinawan (Vocals, Songwriter, and Guitars) with Coey Ballesteros (Bass and Back up vocals) and Aci Fodra (Drums) recently released their second single. Lugar Kung S'an serves up nostalgic vibes, similar to their hit "Panahon".

Check out their full interview for Tag Halina sharing how life has changed since they started the band and how their managing life now. They also share the story behind Lugar Kung S'an below.

Listen to Hey June! and their latest single on Tag 91.1 

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