THE CRAVING TRAVELER : The Noodle House Experience

“Food Coma!”

That’s what Johnny Biryani and Maria Maldita felt after they ate at Noodle house for their food trip at Souk Madinat Jumeirah.

The two tried their best to act demure but they can’t help but to devour the food infront of them. Why not? The food looks enticing and taste really good!

They tried The toothsome Ube fleche, which by the way, all ingredients came from the Philippines, The Crispy golden duck, the delectable Jade Buddha bowl, the juicy bibimbap with beef black ribs, Maria Maldita’s favorite homemade korean dumpling, Johnny Biryani’s favorite, the oooh so spicy typhoon chili, and everyone’s fave, kwek-kwek!

watch their mouth-watering food trip at noodle house and beware not to envy the two or else you’ll find yourself heading out to noodle house Souk Madinat Jumeirah! Listen to Tag pack-up na at 8pm for the whole story every Tuesday!



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