THE CRAVING TRAVELER : Street food Adventure @ Uling at Parilya

Missed eating street food in the Philippines?

When Johnny Biryani and Maria Maldita craved for street food, they make sure that their cravings will be satisfied.

Last Saturday they searched for a restaurant that offers affordable street food and they found Uling at Parilya in Satwa. They have this Unli Bogchi for only 45 AED that you can eat all the street food, seafood, chicken and beef bbq, rice and viands. They really enjoyed eating bbq isaw, fried isaw, okoy, gizzard and liver, chicken skin, chicken head and feet, goto, seafood mami, ice candy and so much more!

Plus they have their new fave, the Buko Pandan shake!

Watch the video to find out more about the street food that Uling and Parilya is offering and Listen to Tag Pack-up na every Tuesday at 8pm for their Craving Traveler episodes.

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