THE CRAVING TRAVELER : Ripley's Believe It Or Not Adventure

Want to go somewhere that you will not spend anything?

Plus you will have lots of photos and videos to put on your social media!

Johnny Biryani and Maria Maldita went to Wafi mall to get a glimpse of the Ripley’s Believe it or not exhibition. An out of this world bizarre events and items that will make you say, ” wow, is this really true?”

First, you need to get the Ripley’s believe it or not passport so that you can stamp the art station you went to, plus if you finished all the 9 exhibit stations, you can win prizes. Don’t worry, you can go there until the end of November!

To find out what’s in store to the exhibition, watch their video and listen to TAG PACK-UP NA every Tuesday at 8pm to hear their Craving Traveler adventures!

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