The Craving Traveler: Best of 2018

It’s hard to believe that 2018 is over already, right?

Looking back at The Craving Traveler foodtrip and adventures last year, Maria Maldita and Johnny Biryani had so many fun, adventurous and enjoyable moments since they started their brand new show and this segment.

And as they thank all our Ka-TAG who have been continuously sharing their time to tune in (or watch the weekly videos on social media) for almost half of the year since The Craving Traveler was launched, they now recalled their favorite 2018 moments! Maria Maldita’s favorite was the human slingshot experience while Johnny’s favorite is the chicken wings experience where they got to bond also with almost all of the presenters!

Join them this Tuesday at 8pm as they share their stories on why these are their favorites! Don’t forget to tune in to TAG Pack Up Na only on TAG 91.1!


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