5 free (or very cheap) things to do in UAE

Early on, we’ve talked about some things that you can still get for 1 AED around the UAE. This might be hard to believe for a moment, but there are things around the country that are cheaper than a humble dirham. What are we talking about? Free things of course! There are quite a bunch of them around if you know where to look.

Today, we’re taking a look at five of these free things to do around the country. We’re also tossing in some things that while not necessarily free, will cost you next to nothing. Read: They’re all under 50 AED.

Join some free exercise groups

With great weekends comes lavish meals, and with that comes extra calories. Why not shed some of those 'gains' with some free fitness groups around town such as Navy DXB, Meet N’ Train, the 530_Run and Yogi of DXB.

Hunt for a bargain

You have two options here: There’s the Dubai Flea Market if you want a more garage sale kind of vibe, then there’s these modest clothes shops around Al Satwa where you can dig through piles and piles of clothing until you find one you like. All told, you’ll only need 50 AED to go home with something nice!

See the rest of the country

Beyond Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the northern emirates all have different quirks and interesting locations. Chief among them are heritage sites such as Fujairah Fort, Jazirah Al Hamra in RAK, and Al Mureijah Art Spaces in Sharjah.

Go on a photowalk

What is a photowalk you ask? Simple, you go around a specific part of town with a group of photographers and click some pics. You get to make new friends and even see places that will be new to you. There are a couple of groups around Dubai that host these events such as Everyday DXB.

Indulge in a classic snack combo

We’re talking about shawarma and karak chai of course! For only 6 AED (or 7 depending where you go), you can enjoy an all-time favourite snack around the country. Even better if you have it in the evening while admiring the beauty of the city.

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